Painting Workshops

Workshops Classroom (Zurich)

This is a one day class with painting. I offer a fun class with learning how to handel watercolors, learning how to draw .This one day class involves painting for fun and relaxation with a simple subject. It covers simple techniques to draw and paint with watercolors. Helps you finish a painting and getting some insights on techniques.

There is no fixed ways of doing things, I like to freestyle a bit. So fill up the form and register yourself.

Landscape (Pleinair, Zurich)

Come Paint with me the Landscapes of Zurich. We meet at the outdoor location and paint. We paint with watercolours and try to keep it simple with some key learnings about plein air. I will guide you with the spot selection, sketching and application of watercolours. You dont need any prior knowledge with paint, jus need to like it