Painting Workshops

Landscape (Pleinair, Zurich)

Come Paint with me the Landscapes of Zurich. We meet at the outdoor location and paint. We paint with watercolours and try to keep it simple with some key learnings about plein air. I will guide you with the spot selection, sketching and application of watercolours. You dont need any prior knowledge with paint, jus need to like it.

Place, date and time coming SOON..

Workshops Classroom (Zurich)

This is a course one day offer with painting. I offer a one day fun class with watercolours or a course if you like to study painting in detail. The one day class involves painting for fun and relaxation with a simple subject. it does not cover a lot of details with techniques but helps you finish a painting and getting some insights on techniques.

If you like to study Fine Arts in details, I can offer you a longer course depending on your ability to paint and learn.

There is no fixed ways of doing things, I like to freestyle a bit. So fill up the form below and register yourself.

Place and Date to be decided Soon..

What I Teach

Painting with watercolour could be quite challenging and therefore a good technique is required to control the fluid colours on paper. Learn the age old techniques to paint with watercolour surrender to the flow of nature.

Topics Covered

Learning is a process that never stops. I am also discovering new things every day and with every painting. My whole experience with painting is just mistakes…a huge collection of mistakes, however that’s what we are here for. Not to make things right but to learn form our mistakes. The only thing you need is Interest and Patience. And you can achieve anything in life. I like to keep my workshops freestyle and simple with more focus on what a person needs for his personal development
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Materials :- Watercolors, Handmade Paper, Brushes, Writting Pad, Water Bowl, pencil