Ravi Raval

Ravi Raval, a creative spirit hailing from vibrant Mumbai, India, has embarked on an inspiring journey driven by his passion for watercolor art. Born with an innate curiosity, Ravi’s artistic awakening came when he recognized the value of pursuing one’s heart’s desires. Venturing beyond the confines of conventional life, he set out to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of India and Asia, his trusty watercolors capturing the essence of his travels through enchanting portraits and breathtaking landscapes.

Ravi’s artistic odyssey led him to the sun-kissed shores of Goa, the mistic Himalayas where he shared his masterpieces with the world at local flea markets along the sandy beaches. As his boundless wanderlust expanded, he spread his wings and traversed the globe, culminating in his current residence in Switzerland. Now an esteemed fixture in the European art scene, Ravi’s exhibitions are a fusion of vivid colors and emotions, each stroke of his brush revealing his profound connection with the world around him.

Beyond his own artistic pursuits, Ravi’s heart swells with a desire to impart his wisdom. A natural teacher, he revels in sharing his expertise and insights into the world of painting, nurturing budding talents with enthusiasm and care. Ravi’s journey is an embodiment of the belief that life is an unbounded canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of one’s dreams.

Your Creativity will set you free….